In another picture, a smiling Tillman is standing in

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The Atlanta Hawks and the insurance company announced Wednesday they have reached a 20 year deal on the naming rights for the arena, which is currently in the final phase of its renovation. The arena is expected to reopen in October as the Hawks celebrate their 50th year in Atlanta. Officials wouldn say how much State Farm paid.The Hawks had played in Philips Arena since its opening in 1999.The State Farm red logo will be displayed at the top of the arena, which might be one of the smallest capacity NBA venues with 17,600 seats.

I’ve felt a kinship, however distant, to Ted Turner since the media titan delivered the keynote address at my college graduation 19 years ago. But until last weekend, I had yet to visit Turner Field, home of Ted’s Atlanta Braves since 1997 (the year after it was the centerpiece of the 1996 Summer Olympics). Two tilts with the Florida Marlins were my first Brave games in Atlanta since I saw St.

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