On February 6th, an Inquirer story about a possible

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wholesale nba basketball Back in the winter of 2011, I wrote a profile of Greg Osberg in which I assessed the chances of a business turnaround at this city’s newspapers as low but lauded Osberg as fitting the template of a possible savior: A longtime Newsweek business executive, who embraced the Internet way before the majority of his print publishing competitors; a guy who led a dot com CNET to profitability, a rare feat on anyone’s resume; and a man with a real love for technology, as opposed to a fear of what it’s done to his industry.In the last month or so, soon after it was announced that the semi regular sale of Philadelphia’s newspapers would recommence, we learned just how ill suited Osberg is to this work.Instead of running the newspapers, he has engaged in a battle with its editorial staff. Reporters and editors at the Inquirer and Daily News believed coverage was being rigged from above to support the bid of a group led by Ed Rendell.On February 6th, an Inquirer story about a possible bid from developer Bart Blatstein was spiked before it could run. The next day, Osberg’s spokesman, Mark Block, removed a post from the DN’sPhilly Clout blog, which named potential bidders other than Rendell’s group.From there, Osberg compounded his own problems. wholesale nba basketball

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