Listen to those around you, but don’t let your

2. Listen to those around you, but don’t let your friends, family, and people at work talk you out of an idea you really believe in. Scientific studies show it’s very hard to keep your beliefs solid when two or more people gang up on you. We’ll always hope for better low cost models that give more and more people the benefits of modern phones and help them stay connected, but it’s also good to see the high end market flourish. We want more choices for consumers, and if companies can make money with premium models, they’ll be in better positions to survive the cut throat low end market. There’s also a vast untapped middle ground between the budget segment and today’s top end iPhones and Samsung Galaxy models that now sell for well over Rs.

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While it has been 156 years since the Emancipation Proclamation and decades since lynchings took place in town squares, the terrorization of black people continues. It has morphed into over policing, unequal justice too often based on race and wealth, and a never ending pipeline that pushes far too many, starting far too young, and for far too long, into our prisons and jails. Many ICAN members were tried in the adult system and at 14, 15, or 16 years of age were sentenced to life terms before they’d learned to drive, had a job, or we were old enough to vote.

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