“By tomorrow night, this storm should be away from

This is an article I have waited nearly eight years to write and now feel empowered to do, its of an experience my wife and I had on a night drive within the Kruger National Park. We had been busy up to and after the Easter weekend, and felt a few days off, mid week, needed. Arranging for our employees to handle the businesses in our absence, we travelled to the Park where we had managed to book accommodation at the “Olifants” Camp..

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Cheap Jerseys free shipping Set WeatherThe National Park Service will close the Sandy Hook section of Gateway National Recreation Area on Tuesday out of an abundance of caution as the storm is expected to pass over New Jersey.The closure announcement came Monday after Gov. Phil Murphy warned the public during his regular coronavirus briefing that the state could see flooding from heavy rain and high winds as Isaias passes through the region.Murphy specifically cautioned that rip currents and flooding will pose a threat during the storm, and he urged people swimming to heed the guidance of lifeguards.”By tomorrow night, this storm should be away from us, and the coming days will help us dry out after tomorrow,” Murphy said. “But again, for tomorrow, plan to just stay in and stay safe.”Due to anticipated impacts of Hurricane Isaias, Sandy Hook will be closed and no swimming is allowed at Riis Park Beach and Great Kills Park for Tues., Aug. Cheap Jerseys free shipping

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