And they really miss these kids and they asked to be

New numbers from the Shelby County Health Department showed 42 new cases of the virus from 688 tests given yesterday. That put the county’s positivity rating for Saturday at around 6.1 percent, up from 4.4 percent on Saturday. The county has averaged a positivity rate of about 7.2 percent since the virus arrived here in March..

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Just off the main drag of St. Johns, the newish Final Form is a fantastic stop for video games and music, with a focus on retro games you’ll find carts, discs, controllers, and consoles from the NES to the Wii U, and everything in between along with vinyl you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else. (Trying to track down a limited Mondo release, or the soundtrack for Snatcher, Hideo Kojima’s long forgotten cyberpunk game? Look no further.) Final Form’s a chill, welcome alternative to shitty corporate game stores, and I have yet to duck in and not walk out with something I didn’t know I needed until I saw it..

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