If you are a patient of anemia

A mark of respect Collingwood players will wear black armbands in the match against Fremantle in Perth on Sunday. Such a great football CV captain, hall of fame member, Copeland Trophy winner, All Australian, club leading goalkicker. Cruelly, he was denied a flag.

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While known for his prowess on the wing, Holmes played the majority of games in his last NRL season in 2018 at fullback for the Sharks, scoring 22 tries in 26 games with a league leading 26 line breaks. “This is a wonderful signing for our club,” Cowboys director of football Peter Parr said in a statement. “Val record speaks for itself and we couldn be more excited about securing him at the Cowboys for the next six seasons.” North Queensland had spoken to Latrell Mitchell, hosting the Sydney Roosters X factor on a tour of their facilities just last week.

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