Older children should be encouraged to keep their

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cheap nba basketball jerseys In primary school, class “bubbles” will be the norm, whereas in secondary school “bubbles” will be expanded to include entire year groups.This approach means that, if a pupil tests positive for coronavirus, it is easier for a school to identify which of their classmates also need to self isolate.Older children should be encouraged to keep their distance from their peers where they can, but the guidance recognises that this is not possible for younger pupils.If a pupil tests positive, their classmates will have to self isolate EPAClassroom layoutTeachers should stay at the front of the class and avoid close face to face contact within one metre of pupils.Schools should adapt classrooms to give pupils as much space as possible, such as removing unnecessary furniture.Windows should be kept open where possible, and desks should be set out with pupils sitting side by side, facing the front of the class, rather than sitting face to face with their peers.Pupils will be prevented from sitting face to face PAAssemblies, choirs and sportYear groups should be kept apart, meaning that assemblies or any other large gatherings, such as communal prayer, are banned.School choirs and ensembles are also banned, as the guidance warns that there is an “additional risk of infection” where pupils are singing, chanting, playing wind or brass instruments or shouting. These activities could take place with special controls in place, such as limiting group sizes to 15 pupils and ensuring they stand back to back or side to side. It should be outdoors where possible, with extended social distancing.Schools should conduct sports lessons outside where possible, and if this is not possible then a large indoor space should be used cheap nba basketball jerseys.