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“There was a lot of fear in the victims” said Thompson. “It was fear and panic they were trying to create. ‘You owe money, you’re going to be arrested, deported, fined, charged.’ They’re going to keep the victims on the phone. For this vaccine to succeed, tests ahead will need to demonstrate that it can indeed protect people from Covid 19 for an extended period, and that it will prevent substantially more harm than it causes. The bar is especially high for vaccines, because they’re given to healthy people a Covid 19 vaccine, in particular, could be given to billions of healthy people. Of course, there’s pressure to move quickly.

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The metabolites in this area of the central Laramie Mountains represent enclaves of aluminous schist gneiss. The deposit lies along the eastern flank of the central Laramie Range 16 miles west of Wheatland within Archean quartzofeldspathic gneiss, granite gneiss, pelitic schist, and biotite chlorite vermiculite schist north of the Elmers Rock greenstone belt. To visit this area, fly to ‘ Rd, Wheatland WY 82201’ on Google Earth which will place you about 4 miles west of the deposit.

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