By the time high school came around we had a pretty

But federal guidance around masks has changed. On April 3, President Trump announced that the CDC now recommends that the general population wear non medical masks fabric that covers one nose and mouth, like bandanas or cut T shirts they must leave their homes to go to places like the grocery store. The measure is voluntary.

“This is a solidly middle to upper class town because of the Dow plant here,” Peter Sinclair, a Midland resident who is a videographer for Yale Climate Connections, said in an interview. He said a 2017 seasonal flood event, combined with this disaster, may cause property values to decline. This includes expensive lakefront property, since these lakes are now being drained by the flooding..

You miss the Fridays when they get up on the pulpit and tell us whether we have been good and if we deserve some freedoms. I wiped from memory that there have been more lockdown Fridays at the pulpit than good ones. Hopefully they all be good from here on in.

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