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This comedy flick is funny, romantic, relatable and worth every minute of your time. However, it’s certainly not worth stacking up against the likes of Mean Girls. This movie might be worth watching once, but you won’t want to come back again to give it another go.

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Yates is now the Houston QB.The success of neither side was based purely on their quarterback, but with teams now knowing that they have is a weakness there, they can afford to ‘stack the box’ against the run and ask the QB to win it.So what chance to they have? For Houston, the run to the playoffs looks comfortable. In reality they need to win two games to secure the AFC South title, unless the Tennessee Titans explode into life. (As a Titans fan I can assure you it is unlikely.)With two of their remaining five games coming against the struggling Panthers and hopeless Colts, their running game and defensive effort should see them to the playoffs.