The Falcons are looking for a defensive end

In his first season in Atlanta, the Falcons’ went from 32nd in the NFL in total defense to 16th, while finishing in the top 10 in interceptions and red zone takeaways. This past season en route to their first NFC Championship since 1998, the Falcons tied for the NFL lead with five defensive touchdowns while outside linebacker Vic Beasley led the league with 15.5 sacks and six forced fumbles. Over Walker’s two seasons, cornerback Desmond Trufant (2015) and Beasley (2016) were named to the Pro Bowl..

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He is not an elite touchdown scorer with just nine red zone targets last season and one double digit touchdown campaign in his career. Injury risk is a valid concern, and inexplicable duds happen, as evidenced by four games with 35 or fewer yards in 2016. Jones is fun to own in fantasy, but he can be maddening, too..

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