“The Republicans’ point man on budget issues

McGreevey case in which the court ruled that “borrowed monies, which themselves are a form of expenditure when repaid, are not income and cannot be used for the purpose of funding or balancing any portion of the budget pertaining to general costs without violating the Appropriations Clause.”There is no “act of God” exception to that clause. The plaintiffs argue that the budget has to be balanced without borrowed money period.Murphy argues that it’s fine to make up for revenue losses with borrowed money and plenty of it. At a May 22 briefing, the governor said, “The revenue losses we can already project stemming from our current emergency are drastic $10 billion, over the next, slightly more than, calendar year.”The Republicans’ point man on budget issues, state Sen.

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Manufacturing weapons has provided millions of workers with some of the nation’s highest industrial wages, and many of their unions (such as the Machinists) are part of the Pentagon lobby. Foreign policy. The power of the military industrial complex has become far more dangerous than even President Eisenhower himself feared when he warned the nation, in 1961, against its undue influence..

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