Ak Bars, which plays in Kazan, Russia, made the

Queens is the second most populous borough, with about 2,200,000 people living in it. It sits on Long Island, next to Brooklyn, and includes many dirty and poor neighbourhoods, but also has some charming and nice places to live. In Queens is Koreatown an ethnic district known for a large Korean population and Korean food.

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In Russia, the Ak Bars team posted a note on the team’s Twitter account urging the Kontinental Hockey League to cancel the remainder of the playoffs without awarding the Gagarin Cup championship trophy. Ak Bars, which plays in Kazan, Russia, made the request after players and staff asked to return home to their families. The team said it had “no moral right to refuse them.” Two teams have already backed out of the playoffs, which the KHL has suspended until April 10.

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