Though Rice was arrested in Atlantic City on an

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wholesale nfl jerseys Since the early 1980 the NFL the governing body of American Football, the world richest sport, has been screened on Channel 4 and latterly, Sky Sports.Viewing figures have increased during the last decade as interest in the game has catapulted.However, today, as the Dolphins line up to take on the Raiders, the majority of the crowd at Wembley will have absolutely no idea of the chaos that has hit the NFL over the last three weeks. Arguably it is the biggest scandal to hit any sport, anywhere in the world, ever.Five of its biggest stars have been accused of domestic violence but the punishments have been so small that the players own union has campaigned for higher sentences.This all came the the forefront of the US news agenda earlier this month.Two weeks ago America richest sport was thrown into chaos when a video of one of its biggest stars punching his fiance to the point of unconsciousness emerged.Ray Rice, one of the most highly paid and widely known players in the NFL the American Football league, could have killed Janay Palmer, the woman who now, bizarrely, has married him. Though sources say she wants to stay with a Rice for the sake of their child.However, Rice was initially banned for just two games.But in a twist that has brought the game in to disrepute, NFL security boss Jeffrey Miller denied receiving the tape in June, but only saw it once TMZ released it online three weeks ago.Fans, were up in arms, feminist groups called for a much harsher sentence and the US President, Barack Obama was left “shocked” at the footage.Rice actions, along with those of four others, have instigated what has become the biggest ever scandal in sport across the globe.A former FBI agent, Robert S Mueller, has now been brought in to examine how the shocking series of events have happened, and if they have been dealt with sufficiently.Though Rice was arrested in Atlantic City on an assault charge for hitting Janay Palmer in February. wholesale nfl jerseys

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