One officer took down a sign saying “we are not There she was, all dressed in White waited for this moment though so many years. She did some serious string pulling to get this point. Even though her Ladd was in prison Well, no, I suppose she wasn supposed to call him Ladd. Much love he has for playing the game, said Jets head coach Paul Maurice, when asked about the most important thing he learned about Byfuglien while coaching him. At practice, he practices hard and he the loudest guy on the ice. He has fun.

Police tore down fences that protesters had erected around their tents and used batons to poke inside bushes, apparently looking for people who might be hiding inside. One officer took down a sign saying “we are not leaving until our demands are met: 1. Defund SPD by 50% now.

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Others are wiping their Facebook and Instagram feeds of digital protest art that was disseminated widely through AirDrop and social networks. Protest art that adorns storefronts is being removed. Well known figures like Joshua Wong, who had his start as a student activist and years later became the secretary general of pro democracy group Demosist, stepped down from his position in the organization.

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