Guys weathered storms when they had to

W. Costello (1866 1935), a talented and highly skilled master penman from the Minooka section of Scranton (shown at left in 1906). Digitized images of these theatre related drawings are a highlight of the P. Expressing my thoughts and feelings is also like therapy for and it keeps my mind going and gives something to do while I’m fighting to return to work. My website, although not state of the art, gives me a sense of accomplishment and pride. I write a thought of the day almost everyday, and I have just installed a forum page/message board to encourage discussion..

Just under two minutes into overtime, the Saints finally landed the knockout punch on their 60th shot of the night.When the dust settled, Davis walked away with 42 saves on 45 shots in the win while Lane stopped 56 of 60 he faced in the loss.was a gutsy performance. We were relentless, resilient, and this was really just a whole team effort. Guys weathered storms when they had to, the power play was good, overall I just really proud of the group, said head coach Bram Stephen..

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