“Once they start growing, they’re nuts,” she said of

cheap canada goose Article content continued5. Peter Watts and I often sat at the same table in the press room prior to Flames games. Interesting note: Whelan never ate, even though the Flames often put up fantastic roast beef dinners for the media. Matthews certainly loves skating in his home rink. The superstar centre cashed a hat trick believe it or not, his first since his historic four goal debut in October 2016 in Tuesday triumph over the New Jersey Devils. The 22 year old Matthews, right in the thick of the Maurice Richard Trophy race, has now notched 27 goals in 23 twirls at Scotiabank Arena this season.

canada goose store Annual photos taken by Justin Keats of his balcony garden show a clear transformation.The first photo is of a simple space, with two hanging pots, two railing planters, and about a half dozen other plants in pots on stools or the balcony floor.By year four, the balcony has become a cosy sanctuary with seating, bamboo blinds and hanging lights, all arranged among flourishing greenery and colourful blooms.Keats attributes his garden’s progression to a simple strategy: experimentation.”It’s all about trial and error and learning what is best for you,” says Keats, who shares his gardening know how in his volunteer role as the Oliver Community League’s garden director.For condo and apartment dwellers such as Keats, a balcony garden can provide much needed greenery among an otherwise drab landscape.”It lets us reclaim the space and do something with it, other than just storing snow tires. We can create our own private oasis,” Keats says.Terri Lynn Almeda didn’t grow much when she owned a house, but when she moved into a condo with a main floor patio full of huge wooden planters built by a previous owner, she felt she had to start.She enjoys the privacy the garden created, as well as eating freshly grown vegetables for dinner.”I’m amazed at how much you can grow downtown,” she says.Balcony gardening does come with its own set of challenges, from lugging water across the living room floor, to dragging potting soil and plants up stairs or in elevators.Almeda doesn’t have a car, so she rents one each spring to buy large items, then walks to pick up bedding plants from the City Market on 104th Street.For Emily Zinger, an unexpected obstacle arose two years ago.Zinger had been growing cobaea vines on her balcony in Clareview for nine years a space that has been recognized by the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues Balconies in Bloom program.”Once they start growing, they’re nuts,” she said of the vines, which help shelter the balcony and keep the apartment cooler. The space is complimented with purple petunias, white alyssum, and nemesia, a fragrant flower with a scent that washes through Zinger’s condo when the balcony door is open.But two years ago, the vines ran afoul of the condo board. canada goose store

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