A minimum goal of the BBA is to complete surveys in

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These house sparrow sized birds have colourful plumage the feathers on their heads, backs and tails shine with an iridescent blue colour, and their chest feathers are orange. Females look similar to males, but their bills are orange and black, rather than all black. Despite their bright colouring, Common Kingfishers are still camouflaged against reeds or water, for example, so you have to look carefully to spot them out and about.

Plus, the award winning FAC theater company, helmed by Scott Levy, has presented its own unique offerings in recent years. Three 2018 plays, Fun Home, Intimate Apparel and Church State, explored LGBTQ identities, race and class divisions, and political religious conflict respectively. Plays such as these presented alongside theater staples like Man of La Mancha (winner of five Henry awards in 2017) and Annie (2018), offered both the radical and the classic, opening avenues for any number of people to see themselves and their stories reflected onstage..

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