Call a real estate professional when in doubt

At the block party other Chiefs fans were yelling “Go Chiefs” Some of them even recognized Derrick Thomas’s jersey and posed for pictures with me. There is no greater feeling than the feeling of pride I had that night. Not pride for myself, but pride for Derrick Thomas, a truly great man..

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There are more than 100 million people all over the globe living now here in the planet we call Earth. Now it is really fascinating when two strangers find each other. For some, finding a partner is quite easy, a bit chat here and more of sweet nothings and next thing you know she’s all yours.

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Moto GP teams all run forged mags. Carbon isn’t even allowed in the rulebook. I don’t think F1 teams run carbon either. I can play a piano. I’ve been doing it for years and most of the time I do not have sheet music in front of me. So it’s mostly coming from memory and I have the ability to play by ear.

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