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The Vancouver filmmaker name will flash across American TV screens next week in one of the most high profile ways possible: her film Finding Big Country is going to play on ESPN.The American sports channel, which dubs itself the worldwide leader in sports, has licensed her film for the next five months. The first telecast will be, fittingly, on Canada Day.Normally ESPN only airs its own original documentaries, but in the time of COVID 19, with no sports running and lots of air time to fill, the network has started to make some exceptions to the in house only rule.Jayme now counts herself one of the fortunate few.is a long time in the making, she said on Friday, shortly after ESPN announced Finding Big Country as part of a special lineup of four films that will air next week. Also featured are Koshien: Japan Field of Dreams, about Japanese high school baseball; Eddie, about famed basketball coach Eddie Sutton; and Born to Play, about a women tackle football team.Kat Jayme produced a documentary called “Finding Big Country,” all about her journey to track down former Vancouver Grizzlies centre Bryant (Big Country) Reeves.Jayme’s film was funded by Telus Storyhive and was first screened in 2018.

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