The Covid 19 has devastated the economy

Pranay is in charge of podcasts and videos at Gadgets 360. Over the years, he has written over 500 tutorials on iPhone, Android, Windows, and Mac. He has also written in depth reported features on the intersection of technology and culture, reviewed fitness wearables, been the social media manager, started two podcasts, and produced several tech videos.

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The World Health Organization is grappling with the same who goes first question as it tries to ensure vaccines are fairly distributed to poor countries decisions made even harder as wealthy nations corner the wholesale jerseys from china market for the first doses.But a COVID 19 vaccine decision is so tricky that this time around, ethicists and vaccine experts from the National Academy of Medicine, chartered by Congress to advise the government, are being asked to weigh in, too.Setting priorities will require moral common sense, said Bill Foege, who devised the vaccination strategy that led to global eradication of smallpox. Foege is co leading the academy deliberations, calling it this opportunity and this burden. Vaccine misinformation abounding and fears that politics might intrude, CDC Director Robert Redfield said the public must see vaccine allocation as fair and transparent.

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