Allison was the deep threat on the team an aDOT of

The hike uphill was steep 4,500 feet in 3 miles, muddy, and challenging. We moved steadily, crawling over and under logs, crossing streams, and carefully scaling the slick granite walls toward the snow line. Despite heavy rain all day and temps floating in the mid 30s, morale stayed high.

Starting the yoke sweater from Deborah Newton has accomplished exactly what I wanted. After a couple of days of straight stockinette knitting, I got bored with it and started working on Mom’s sweater again. I even did this while watching television! I’ve got a whole stripe of lace knitted on one sleeve now.

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The guy who earned the title of Queen Elizabeth’s Least Favorite Buckingham Palace Guest Ever? Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceauescu, who visited London for four days with his wife Elena in 1978.”The press started to question the foreign secretary,” Robert Hardman explained in the new documentary. Apparently, people were so upset about the visit, the media went so far as to ask, “Why are we inviting this monster to come to Britain?”Even though the Queen and her husband, Prince Philip, went along with their royal duties for the trip and even greeted the Ceauescus on their arrival at London’s Victoria train station, the monarch apparently couldn’t stand the idea of talking to the Romanian dictator any more than she absolutely had to. She even resorted to her least regal moment of all time to avoid extra chit chat with him at Buckingham Palace.”On the occasion when they were staying she took the corgis out for a walk in the palace gardens and she could see the Ceauescus coming the other way,” Hardman explained.