Any person winning over $600 in prizes from the

Betty’s life was anything but glamorous after marrying Dan, but she never complained and supported her husband’s ambitions. She believed that with hard work, determination, and the loving support of her family, things would work out and life would bless her for all the sacrifices she had made. While other young mothers were buying new cars, having an occasional party on the weekend, and spending their extra cash to buy a lipstick or have a manicure, Betty was living at poverty level.

Each winner is solely responsible for reporting and paying any and all applicable taxes related to the prize(s) and paying any expenses associated with any prize which are not specifically provided for in the official rules. Each winner may be required to provide the Company with valid identification and a valid taxpayer identification number or social security number before any prize will be awarded. Any person winning over $600 in prizes from the Company will receive an IRS form 1099 at the end of the calendar year and a copy of such form will be filed with the IRS..

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