At this point, her test administrator tells her she

But don’t sleep on the rest of the menu. Everything is made from scratch. There are also street tacos and arepas, each of which you can get with familiar Latin American options: al pastor, carnitas, pollo asado, carne asada, birria, nopales (cactus) and cauliflower chorizo.

When voices are distracting me from what is going on around me, I have found that listening to music can drown out the sound of the psychotic voices. Most of the time when I am alone in my apartment, I have music going in the background.I do not think I will ever be rid of the voices that have come as a result of having schizoaffective disorder, but I have learned through a proper treatment plan and other coping strategies, I do not have to allow them to control my actions or interfere with my life. I have learned that I can distract myself in any number of ways, and I can go on to have a productive life.Coping with VoicesJason JepsonJason Jepson grew up in Virginia.

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