Eventually a tipping point WILL be reached I just

Most I Pad accessories, and I Pad cases in particular are designed with a specific thing in mind. ModulR has developed a nice hard case that has feet on it. These are the basis of an attachment system. It appears, via Spotrac, that Mahomes does not have an easy out of the deal. If he wanted out, his best bet would be to demand a trade or commit to a holdout. The Chiefs, meanwhile, have unbelievably easy outs from 2024 through the end of the deal.

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No one seems to have a solution. Eventually a tipping point WILL be reached I just hope I’m not in the streets when that day comes a lot of ordinary people like myself will be slaughtered in the streets by paid lackeys of the super wealthy, before we finally smother them by sheer force of numbers. Another good one, Rob thanks..

This is interesting because I actually did a project when I wrote my book “Pantone” and it’s about colors. One of the projects that I did with another artist, she is a Black woman who runs her own apothecary company, was we decided to think about the Black woman’s smell. What is it that Blackness smells like? When you asked me what is being Black like, the first thing that I came up with was the smell.

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