From this desk, he has drafted his six days per week

“When quarantine hit, it was a reality check,” he said. “I’m a father and a husband. So after being so busy for such a long time, it was good to get home and be with my kids. “We have well over a million disposable face coverings on hand,” Altstadt said in an email, “as we have been working with the governor’s office and thought this directive might be coming.”TriMet doesn’t have an estimate for how many face coverings will be used on a monthly basis, but Altstadt said TriMet would “monitor and order as needed.””We suspect many people will use their own face coverings to reduce the touchpoints of using the dispenser,” she said. “Supply chains have become more reliable so we suspect that restocking won’t be an issue.”Public transit officials are also distributing face coverings at the agency’s Pioneer Courthouse Square ticket office and by handing them out to community organizations. Altstadt said TriMet is also planning to hand out coverings “at key spots throughout the system to help get face coverings into the hands of those who need them.”The state guidelines also revise social distancing rules, saying three feet of separation is acceptable for riders, whereas passengers must maintain six feet from bus or rail operators.As a result, TriMet will shift its seating limits to reflect those distancing requirements.The transit agency will raise its ridership caps.

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