That’s just how this very odd postseason is right

I don’t really see much of an issue with both AMD and Nvidia doing and having done this for some of their GPUs. I certainly don’t like it, and it creates more confusion and segmentation within their respective product lines, but they’re not the only companies doing this. In fact, their own AIB partners arguably do something quite similar by selling graphics cards with different clock speeds, cooling capabilities, memory capacities, memory bandwidth, etc.

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Of you should die, and all of you have the Chinese virus. Choi waited for the man to leave and then reported the situation to a police officer. Was told that spitting wasn a crime, and that it wouldn be worth the paperwork I would have to go through to take any sort of action, he says.

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The popularity of video games seems to rise every year and the more hit games they create just adds to the fever. They market the games so they can entertain groups of all ages. It seems as though is it not only the young kids who get addicted to these games.

Video: Benn: Stars have ‘work to do’ following shutout lossThe Stars on Wednesday didn’t show playoff intensity, and when the game was over, they didn’t show playoff anger. That’s just how this very odd postseason is right now. Dallas wanted to play well against Colorado, it really did.

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Xander Schauffele: Just amazing across the board this weekend. First in Ball Striking, sixth in Bogey Avoidance, seventh in Scrambling, 10th in Total Driving and Top 35 in both Par 4 and Approach. He’s gotten better in each of his past four starts: T20, T14, T13 T6 (last week at the WGC).

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