There was no expectation for me to do much of

“I have improved three inches every year that I have high jumped, so taking it up another inch is definitely doable.”Hendershot could be seen working on his approach to the bar all throughout today competition and he said that the major focus of his training now.”I almost always have the height to clear the bar,” he said. “But sometimes, like on my final jump today (trying to clear 7 1) I was behind the bar when I made my height and other times I am ahead of the bar. I need to get my approach down so the top of my jump is right at the bar, right at the sweet spot.”Like Price, Hendershot appreciated the crowd support and reveled in the glorious racket of a Saturday at Penn..

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On 1 January 1999, 11 European countries gave up their currency and adopted a single currency, the euro. The short 20 year history of the euro resembles the plot of a potboiler movie; there are elements of drama, suspense and even comedy. The very idea of asking member countries to give up their currencies was no mean achievement..

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