Michelle Henry Gives Back To Her Community

Michelle Henry Gives Back To Her Community

In 2006, my family and I moved from a small home in Detroit, Michigan to Southfield Michigan. My dream was to help make a positive impact on children in the foster care system; babies, older children and sibling groups who were often overlooked by society. I was raised around families that had adopted children in their family from the foster care system, so knew the struggle that came with not having family support.

Later, my husband and I adopted sibyls of two sisters in need. Since the goal always was to foster and then adopt an older sibling group, this fits nicely into our plans. Although my house wasn’t ready for two more kids, we found a way to make it work. The new home in Southfield was a much bigger house; actually, it wasn’t hard to accommodate the space. The story doesn’t stop there, I had a new initiative, but to do so, they would need more bedrooms. We began buying hud houses and fixing them up while turning homes into transition homes for the sole purpose of helping others in need.

In 2009, as an addition to adoption, Michelle found the need to help homeless mothers with children. This idea was from a referral that a mother and her children were homeless. This wasn’t an easy task considering I paid out of pocket to keep the homes up and running efficiently. I had no state funding and managed to keep houses open for families. Needless to say, I lost a two family flat to a tax auction which I use now as a learning tool.

In April 2013, I launched a new magazine “Charismata Homes Magazine” I had to find other ways to be creative and make extra money to help build food pantries, diaper pantries, personal items pantries, education material, clothes closet, and the upkeep of transitional housing. I have to say, I’m truly blessed to help people and each day there’s a new mission.

If you’re interested in donating to our organization, please visit our website: charismatahomesandcompany.com. Your donation will be a blessing.